A most welcomed announcement was received on 8 May on the future of SACS funding under the CHSP.

The Social and Community Services (SACS) supplement is scheduled to cease on 30 June 2021. The SACS supplement helped cover the cost of essential home support care staff and its cessation will result in a shortfall of funding for some CHSP providers.

To assist these CHSP providers, the department has agreed to increase the ongoing base funding of all SACS-eligible CHSP providers in 2021-22. The cost to cover the shortfall will be approximately $50 million per annum.

The department will decide how to allocate the funds over the coming months. Payments will be made in financial year 2021-22.

Only CHSP providers who are currently eligible for the SACS supplement will be eligible for this funding.

This issue was taken up by ACTA and VTCTA and we have been lobby hard for this decision. This is a great outcome for the sector.

Lyndon Stevenson, Chair of VTCTA and ACTA.