Special General Meeting

VTCTA Notice of Special General Meeting and Special Resolutions

NOTICE is hereby given that a Special General Meeting of the VICTAS Community Transport Association Inc. will be held:

Date:        Wednesday, 25 March 2020
Time:        11 am

Zoom link: Meeting ID: 652 852 916 Phone +61 3 7018 2005

Link to 2020 2020 VTCTA Special General Meeting

Notice of Special Resolutions

NOTICE is hereby given in accordance with section 39 of the Constitution, it is intended that the following motions be proposed as special resolutions.

1.    The addition of clause 76(5) The Association will transfer the surplus gifts, deductible contributions and money it received to another charitable deductible gift recipient when the organisation is wound up or its DGR endorsement is revoked.

The purpose is to add the revocation to the Constitution to fulfil the ACNC charity registration.

2.    To extend the Principle Purpose and powers (2) to read The Principal Purpose for which the entity is established is to support the services for Transport Disadvantaged People with supported transport that permits participation in daily activities fostering independence and social inclusion.

The purpose is to strengthen the application for charity status.


Under the Constitution section 39 a special resolution is required to change the Constitution or any of the purposes of the association and needs not less than 75% of the members voting at a general meeting in person or by proxy vote in favour of the resolution.

Proxy Voting Form

If you are unable to attend the SGM you may cast your vote on the above special resolution by appointing a proxy to vote on your behalf.  A proxy must be a Member who is entitled in their own right to vote at a general meeting of the association.  Fill out the proxy form following the link below and submit by email to

The link to 2020 VTCTA SGM Proxy Form.

Please notify us by email to if you are an apology at the meeting.